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WRG! La Bohemia: La Bella Donna….Margareth Madé

If you’ve never watched FTV…(chances are, if you’re on this blog – you watch FTV) then you may not have come across this model-turned-actress, Margareth Madé before.  The making of the Dolce and Gabbana campaign 2008/9 featured a svelte beauty in a black suit, hair loosely tied at the nape of her neck, blood red lipstick and an empty room, white chairs all about.  She was the epitome of slick 007-ish style for the modern woman.

She was astounding in her debut feature film, Baaria, which is a sweeping love story of the kind of life that was lived pre-21st century Sicily.  It follows communist Peppino Terranuova’s life and Bhageria, the small village-turned-town-turned-city-turned-urban jungle over the years.  Madé plays Mannina, his wife and she plays the role so well.  You somehow believe that she has five children and looks that beautiful even as she ages in the film. 

There’s a scene where she reads a letter to her children from their father Peppino - so hilarious and striking.  She portrays a strange strength amidst her husbands’ fantasy and incomplete relationship with communism.

Madé went on to act in two other movies, one of which I’ve seen and I’m not exactly a great fan…but we love her anyway and have a feeling she’ll be in a couple more before this decade is done.

Words Compiled By: Sam “Aimee” Remani

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